O-Hire - The Jobseeker / Employer solution by ONPASSIVE 

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Jobseekers and Employers

O-Hire is a complete platform solution for employers and job seekers, accurately matching the right people with the right vacancies. As with all ONPASSIVE products, O-hire is powered by Artificial Intelligence, helping to create the best possible user experience and end results for both the jobseeker and the employer.

For the user, O-Hire provides a simple, yet powerful interface, enabling search in various categories, such as designation, skills, experience, company, and location. Users can create unlimited job alerts and will also receive notification about the status of any of their job applications, or enquiries made for further information.

The platform also features top MNCs of many major companies worldwide, to help Jobseekers to fully understand what is required at the interview stages.

O-Hire also provides free resume / CV resources, to help candidates to create the best possible factual profile about themselves to maximise their chances of being seen and hired. Job seekers will also easily be able to create and upload a video profile, that will get seen by the right employer.

For the Employer, there is an AI powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS), that helps to accelerate the overall hiring and recruitment process. This helps with automated pre-scanning of candidates, fetching various attributes of all parameters from CVs / resumes and also assisting the employer or recruitment company to choose the right candidate for the right job, based on analytics.

Other features include a Social media Recruiting function, to extend the reach of job vacancies and also to enable early suitable candidate vetting, via all social media channels.

ONPASSIVE O-Hire features include:

  Social recruiting

  Applicant Tracking System - ATS

  Automated Pre-Screening of Candidates


  AI built Automated Pre-Screening of Resumes

You can get a Free guest trial when O-Hire launches. Or, become a Founder and when launched, get unlimited access to all features of O-Hire and all the many other ONPASSIVE Products.

Click > to see O-Hire on the ONPASSIVE Website

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