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What is a Website builder and how easy is it to use?

A website builder is a software tool that enables anyone to produce a very professional looking and functioning website, without having any coding experience.

Text, images and various other multimedia and features can be added. Website building software can either be online / cloud based, requiring no local storage by the website creator, or offline, whereby you then need to download software and edit the files on your computer or other device.

When you create your website, you will then need to have it hosted on a server, to enable your global visitors to view it on the world wide web. Hosting is often, but not always, included with online / cloud based website builder providers. Offline website creation programs however, usually require you to upload your files to a subscription hosting service, such as Ionos or GoDaddy etc.

There are a great many website builders out there, that are feature rich. These include: Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Weebly, Zyro and many more. Some offer a free plan, which usually requires you to display their logo, or advertising banners in return.

You will also need a domain name for your website. You can either use the providers domain and add your own / suffix, for example or you can purchase your own customer domain name, such as and then use this with certain providers, depending on your plan and possible fees involved.

You can also choose a "one stop shop" solution with a company that offers website builder software, coupled with a domain name service - Take a look at one of the newer platforms that offers this: O-Create

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