A Comprehensive List of ONPASSIVE / O-founders frequently asked questions:


  ONPASSIVE is a Global IT company, powered by Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Technology, providing a total internet solution / TIS. 

  It is a monthly subscription-based business.

➣  ONPASSIVE is Licensed and registered

  Active in over 212 countries and territories.

What is the ONPASSIVE vision?

➣  "ONPASSIVE is the ultimate, complete, unique, digital marketing business that ensures everyone succeeds, regardless of their backgrounds or ability, by offering the simplest environment, with the highest standards, and the most value, while sustaining the benefits of a global stimulus plan."

Where is ONPASSIVE located?

➣   The ONPASSIVE Executive office is in Orlando, Florida, USA, where our CEO is also stationed. 

➣   Our IT HUB and administration is in Hyderabad, India, at HITEC CITY known as the Cyber Tech City of India 

➣   ONPASSIVE has recently acquired various offices in Dubai, including at the Burj Khalifa, the Worlds tallest building.

ONPASSIVE are also planning on opening offices in various other countries in the future. 

Who is the owner / CEO of ONPASSIVE? 

➣   Mr. Ash Mufareh is the Founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE. 

What is Ash Mufareh's background? 

Ash Mufareh has a Master’s degree in Information Technology & Ecommerce (MIT) through the American Intercontinental University and has also completed various online business and marketing studies through Harvard University, 

Ash has over 25 years of experience in the online marketing industry, has been a top affiliate and is a successful businessman.

Ash Mufareh has never owned a business prior to ONPASSIVE.

Will ONPASSIVE become a public company?

➣   ONPASSIVE is privately owned by Mr. Ash Mufareh and funded 100% by the Mufareh family. 

➣   ONPASSIVE will not go public so, there will be no shares available on the stock market.

➣   ONPASSIVE is 100% Debt free. 

➣   The wealth is shared amongst the founders.

Why is ONPASSIVE collecting a 97 USD fee to become a founder?

➣   The $97 is to secure your position as a founder of the company as well as place you on the global unique pay plan. The funds have NOT been touched yet and will be utilised towards the marketing campaigns, to build the teams of the founders once we launch. 

➣   There are also perks to being a founder.

➣   We will never need to advertise or recruit anyone, if we choose not to. 

➣   The company does everything for us as founders. 

➣   Fully automated business.

➣    Full access to all of Onpassive Products and Tools

What does it mean to be an o-founder

➣   Founders or o-founders are the partners of Ash Mufareh. Become an O-Founder here today & share the vision of ONPASSIVE in its pre-launch stages. OFounders are part of the inner-circle, beta testing of products and privy to exclusive founders only meetings.

➣   They are the torch bearers of ONPASSIVE.

➣   Founders will be making history and will be part of a massive movement in the Information Technology sector.

➣   We are encouraged to assist our CEO with his mission by helping to turn poverty into prosperity around the globe.

➣   Founders of ONPASSIVE will add value to humanity in so many ways.

Tell me more about O-FOUNDERS? (formerly Gofounders)

➣   O-FOUNDERS are the founders of ONPASSIVE.

➣   This is an exclusive founder only platform to share innovative ideas.

➣   A community to encourage, motivate and make friends worldwide.

➣   Has common goals to improve the economy around the world. 

➣   It is a community aimed to bring out the best in every founder. 

➣   Shaping future leaders to take this mission forward.

➣   Founders have a choice of various personal invite / registration links to share with other visionaries, to become founders in the pre- launch and semi launch stages.

What is the cost to become an OFounder of ONPASSIVE?

➣   Currently the cost to become a founder is $97

➣  There are various payment options, including credit Debit card or Crypto

➣   When using the card option, you get access to the Founders back office immediately.

➣   Crypto payment methods usually takes a few days for activation. 

➣   There may be a price increase for new Founders joining during our Soft Launch / Semi launch.

What is the semi launch?

➣   Semi launch, previously known as Soft Launch, is the period where some of the products of ONPASSIVE get tested as we will be in the beta testing stage. 

➣   Many products are already getting tested by the IT dept and staff.

➣   This also marks the beginning of the marketing campaigns for the founders and could have more founders signed up in their business who paid to become a founder.

➣   Semi Launch may commence at any time

What will the monthly subscription cost be?

➣   The cost is undetermined at this point but, it will be in the region of around $250 USD per month

➣   NB: As a founder, you will only pay this fee on full launch, one time, to activate your membership.

All subscription fees going forward will come out of profit / from the commissions you have earned – This is a system which was created by ONPASSIVE and has never been done before. 

What exactly does ONPASSIVE sell?

➣   ONPASSIVE has over 50 digital products, tools and services, providing a total internet solution (TIS) with every product / tool / service required to be a success in business – online or offline, all under one umbrella.

They will continue to design and create cutting edge products as the market requires.


If I am a founder, do I still have to pay to use the products?

➣    Yes, you do, as we are a subscription-based business. We all have to pay.

➣     Also, all Founders will become customers of the ONPASSIVE products.

➣    Therefore everyone including the founders, need to pay the 1st month subscription cost to use the products. 

➣    Some of the products we will be able to use during the soft launch at no cost.

How long will I be a founder for?

➣    Your founder member position is valid for one year from the date of launch. 

➣    After a year, you have the option to renew it at the new price. 

However, if you choose to renew, this too will come out of commissions earned and you will just need to select the ‘Renew Founder’ option. 

Can I earn a residual income with ONPASSIVE?

➣    Yes, you should be able to achieve some monthly earnings, the level of which will depend on market forces and your own personal effort.

What happens if I do not make enough commissions to cover the next months subscription?

➣    That scenario is not likely to happen, as one of the products when you activate your first month subscription, is for targeted traffic. 

The traffic brings in qualified leads to your website & in turn signs them up under you & you will be paid instantly into your wallet as soon as they have made their payment. 

➣    Once you have 3 customers / team members paid under you, your subscription fee is covered going forward and you will be in PROFIT

I am not tech savvy - What does targeted traffic mean?

➣    Traffic means visitors to your website. 

➣    It is the essence of any online business to survive. 

➣    This is the same as customers visiting to your brick & mortar business. 

➣    ONPASSIVE brings daily qualified targeted visitors to your website.

➣    When we activate our accounts as Customers and Resellers, we all get our own Website and Domain branded to us by ONPASSIVE.

Who are the customers of ONPASSIVE?

➣    All those who use the internet will need or use one or many of our products. 

➣    The potential targeted customer base is in the region of around 4.6 billion internet users.

➣    ONPASSIVE only needs a small portion of this market to be a huge success.

➣    These customers could be individuals, influences, artists, SME, large corporates, churches, education and government departments, the list is endless.

Will ONPASSIVE help an existing business online?

➣    Yes, they would require the traffic to grow their business & also other products which would make their life easier.

➣   The business needs to be legal and compliant, ONPASSIVE will need to approve the business.

➣    You will also be able to purchase additional traffic from your earnings to acquire more leads.

Do I have to already have an online business to join ONPASSIVE?

➣    No, not at all, ONPASSIVE itself can become your primary business and the company will build it for you by placing other customers under you, using the AI-Driven Marketing campaigns and Machine learning technology.

Is ONPASSIVE not concerned about the competition

➣    Not at all, we will be an asset to every business, online or offline who needs customers to survive as we provide a Smart Business Solution (SBS). 

➣    Our products are unique, proprietary & revolutionary driven by the latest AI- technology. 

➣    ONPASSIVE will be first to market with these uniquely designed products.

Why would customers prefer ONPASSIVE over other products on the market?

➣    All our products will be user friendly, simple & easy to use. 

➣    People from all walks of life can use it with basic knowledge. It is more of a plug & play system. There will be tutorials available if you get stuck at any point of time.

➣    The products will be superior when compared to the products available in the market & a few of them never seen before.

➣    They are cost effective; all the digital products are bundled into a single monthly package which offers complete value for money. 

They are not required to purchase from different suppliers. 

➣    Everything you need under one umbrella.

➣    We have designed a residual income model for all those who comes into ONPASSIVE as a reseller which will be made available to all customers. Hence, customers will be getting paid to use the products. 

What is CATMO?

➣    CATMO is the 4 pillars of ONPASSIVE.

C- Complete digital solution (A total internet solution / TIS) 

A - Automated, Artificial Intelligence (All done for you)

T- Targeted traffic to your business (Grows your business)

MO – Money - unlimited residual income / wealth generator  ONPASSIVE is built on these four pillars which ensures Total Freedom (TIME & MONEY FREEDOM).

How does the Pay Plan work?

➣    It is a unique, proprietary & revolutionary pay plan which is getting patented. 

➣    No one has ever seen this type of pay plan before.

➣    Your success is guaranteed, no matter when you join ONPASSIVE as a founder.

➣    You will be able to build wealth, create a family dynasty and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Do I need to recruit other people to be successful with ONPASSIVE?

➣    No need - (optional)  the automation and artificial intelligence does everything for you.

100% Builds your team and business for you 

Automatically signs your customers up in ONPASSIVE. 

As it uses the AI-driven marketing campaigns to get targeted traffic to your website. 

This would be available only after the launch. 

➣    During Pre-launch, the founders are building their teams or laying the foundation of their business by sharing this opportunity with others, although it is not a necessity.

What happens when I become a Founder but do not build a team?

➣    Becoming a founder itself, made you a visionary at least for conceiving this concept. 

This has already positioned you in the top 1% of the company structure. 

The only thing is that you may not be eligible for are any bonuses during the semi launch, as you have not helped the company build your business under you. 

You are however, entitled for all other bonuses in the future & be a part of the company’s AI-driven marketing campaigns which is all done for you 100% automated.

How do I get paid?

➣    You get paid in real-time as soon as sales happen under you, directly or in your team/business. 

➣    The commissions fall into your O-Wallet & you can withdraw from there anytime. (24/7/365) 

➣    Your commission will be paid after your next month’s subscription is covered, which will be held in a funding wallet automatically.

➣    You can choose how to withdraw your commissions including crypto and, in any currency, you require in your country or wherever you have an account.

Can I transfer my ONPASSIVE position or leave it in a will etc?

➣    Yes, absolutely this is all part of the wealth generation. We encourage every founder to make sure their family knows about their founder member position and put it in your WILL. The deceased beneficiary will have to send the death certificate and proof that they are the beneficiary to support to get the account transferred into their name with the new email address. You will be leaving a legacy for your loved once for generations to come.

What is the triple entry bonus?

➣    Our compensation structure is unique, proprietary & revolutionary. 

We have all bases covered with the triple entry bonus.
Everyone who is in this system, after reaching a certain level will receive a new ID (Extra position).
This will be created for them as a bonus or added benefit & be repeated 3 times. 

When will we go into semi launch?

➣    Semi launch will be happening within the next few weeks – once we get the go-ahead from the various departments for each function, to say that everything is ready.

➣    We will then start the beta testing of certain products and the marketing campaigns to acquire more founders under the current founders’ teams.

➣   This process is expected to last between 2 weeks and no longer than 90 days, or until everything is ready for the official global launch to the public.

When will we go into full global public launch?

➣    Once the tech team is happy with the progress made during the semi launch and they have tested the products, tools, and services.

➣    We also need the go-ahead from the attorneys, to ensure that we are 100% compliant and that all the merchants in the various countries are completed, we are on track with the above mentioned.

➣    We will then get the green light and have a smooth transition over to the ONPASSIVE website where we will do our KYC and set up our wallets for commissions.

What does KYC mean?


KYC is a recognised process adopted by most of the Worlds major banks and financial institutions, to Identify its customers and do everything possible to minimise fraud and money laundering activiities. ONPASSIVE will require everyone to do this process to ensure that you are who you say you are 

➣    Each Country will have different recognised methods of KYC, but basically you will need:
Proof of residence

ID / Facial recognition, such as a Passport or Driving Licence or some other method, recognised in your country

What is the age requirement to become an ONPASSIVE Founder?

➣   It depends on the laws in your country.

➣   It is usually the legal age to own your own business in your country, typically, 16 or 18 years old

Am I limited to only one Founder position?

➣   You can have as many founder accounts as you want, provided the email address is different, as that is your unique identifier.

Same name, surname, country, and mobile number, just a different email address.

➣    Make sure that you will be able to fund each account when it comes to activating our accounts, as customers and resellers in ONPASSIVE. Remember the first months fee, that is the one-time subscription in the region of $200 - $300

What are Leadership Council Members?

➣    The Leadership council members are there to help the founders have a good understanding of the business and assist where needed to ensure everyone has a wonderful journey with ONPASSIVE.

➣    Each leader contributes in different ways to the community.

➣    The position is voluntary, and they do not get paid to do the work they are doing.

➣    A founder cannot apply for this position, they are handpicked by the company due to their input, dedication, and knowledge of the business.

Will ONPASSIVE be doing any advertising?

➣   ONPASSIVE has a huge advertising and marketing plan and soon will be featured on:

❑  TV

❑  Billboards

❑  IT Magazines

❑  Forbes Magazine

❑  Stadiums

❑  Expo’s 

❑  Various social media platforms

Many thanks go to Marina Favit for creating most of the contents of this FAQ page

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Please do your own due diligence, before joining.