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ONPASSIVE's O-Tracker has a Heatmap function.

In Digital Marketing, the purpose of a Heatmap is to give you a good overview and understanding of how your visitors use your web site.

Heatmap tools, enable you to see what people engage with on your site pages and where they are scrolling to, where they are clicking and importantly, even what they are not looking at.

Therefore, Heatmap software tools like O-Tracker, will help you to see what areas of your site needs to be enhanced and improved.

The way that Heatmaps work, is by giving the website owner or controller, a real time color-coded view of the least and most used parts of your website that users are looking at and engaging with.

The heat map can show the focused activity of any web page from your site. The different parts of the page are ranked in terms of popularity by user, with a familiar scale of colours corresponding to temperature, meaning red for the most used, to blue, for the least utilised parts of the page.

Heatmap or web page

When a website business can see the areas that its visitors are clicking, scrolling, ignoring etc, you can then start to really analyse your operations in detail.

This means, changing, improving, adding, deleting areas and basically tailoring your very business into giving your visitors - in other words - your crucial existing repeat and future customers, what they are demonstrating to you that they need and desire.

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