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Air Landline

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Get your own Landline number to enhance your business profile

Air Landline is a smart way to automate your customer service - available for all UK based Small Businesses

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Do you run a small business?

Many existing and potential customers will always still choose the phone to get hold of you and seeing a landline number is a great start to their business relationship with you.

Also, sometimes it can be difficult to find a professional way to handle your customers telephone enquiries, whilst you are out there engaged in your business activities.

Small Business

With AIR LANDLINE you can now have your own professional number, that can be diverted to one or more mobile phones.

This can be a local or a national number.

You can also set up your own professional welcome message, plus music can play whilst your clients are on hold.

Other features include: Voicemail, out-of-hours and holiday announcement and holiday mode.

You can also get e-mail transcriptions for your Voicemails, a WhatsApp set up for your business, call recordings and more.

This highly efficient service is very quick & easy to set up.

Free 7 day trial - No contracts
  Then 9.99 GBP per Month
  Cancel anytime for free
  No long-term contracts
  30-day money-back guarantee

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