O-Connect by ONPASSIVEO-Connect is the new High Definition Video Conferencing Platform developed by ONPASSIVE.

This state of the art software employs Artificial Intelligence, to enable the highest quality of Webinar and other online meetings, ensuring unmatched clarity and quality to every virtual connection that you make.

O-connect Features include:

A highly detailed dashboard, enabling users to easily manage and track their video meeting activities.
Unlimited meeting participants,
Unlimited meeting time,
Schedule Events,
Dual-screen share,
External link integration,
Easy invites and others,
Auto language Translation!!
Automated speech-to-text service,
Direct Links to Youtube,
Send invite by email address,
Integrated Links to external URL,
Attractive Chat Emojis,

O-Connect simplifies every virtual collaboration and helps to bridge the gaps between participants, ensuring the entire World can connect regardless of distance.

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