Domain name and Hosting service with AI Technology built in



A domain hosting service for ONPASSIVE subscribers.

This web site domain service will ensure smooth domain registration and hosting to ensure the highest quality of reliability, functionality and integrity for your business identity.

You can buy one or many domains from ODomain.

There is a user-friendly dashboard / C-Panel interface that enables an intuitive start-up and control of your domain name and hosting activities, available immediately after purchase.

➣ Visit the ONPASSIVE website to find out more about O-Domain

O-Domain features include:

Helpful Domain name assistance / suggestions

industry-based virtual library for all popular domain extensions

Integrated industry-specific Chatbot

SSL certificates

Fraud and identity theft protection

Privacy assurance - Your contact details are hidden from the public database

Cloud storage

Easy to customize with the right codecs                                                                                                                

Hosting for both business and personal websites                                                                                                                              

Email service for all your domains with POP3, IMAP and Forwarding

Anti Spam features

Anti Virus Features

➣ Visit the ONPASSIVE website to find out more about O-Domain

You can get a Free guest trial when O-Domain launches. Or, become a Founder and when launched, get unlimited access to all features of O-Domain and all the many other ONPASSIVE Products.

Become an ONPASSIVE Founder here and get full access to ODomain when launched >>>


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This is an independent website, created by an active long standing O-Founder, providing various Marketing resources for the ONPASSIVE Platform, its Products & Services.

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Note: ONPASSIVE is not an investment program.

Anything that a person may receive, who engages with the ONPASSIVE platform, is based on their individual work ethic and other factors beyond their control. 

Please do your own due diligence, before joining.