O Dit

Smart Graphics editing tool - Powered by AI

O-dit is smart, multi language, image graphics editing application that helps your web platform Subscribers / users to design their own stunning, unique online page or content, just by adding a few lines of code. It enables your users to create their own ads, banners, headers etc without leaving your site. Let's face it - We all want a "sticky" site!

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The O-Dit button can be used to create stunning graphics for blogs, Vlogs, websites, Social media and shopping and e-commerce sites.

The main feature in all this is the O-Dit button. This button can be integrated in almost any web or mobile platform to enable your customers to quickly get started in designing their own creations.

The O-Dit button will be available initially on Web platforms, and will soon be able to be integrated into IOS and Android devices.

Users will need to create an account to use the powerful Odit application, to gain the code and an API key to integrate the button. Your various subscribers can then use the O-dit button, multiple times across your approved platform.

Depending on the type of subscription, O-dit users will be able to access free templates, premium stock images, photos, and various other graphics.

➣ Visit the ONPASSIVE website to find out more about O-Dit

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