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Do you attend or host webinars or use
 Video Conferencing software?

Whether it be business or pleasure, we have all come to appreciate the convenience and cost effectiveness of Webinars and other online meetings, especially due to the travel and lockdown restrictions, as a result of the Pandemic.

This also seems to have set a non reversible trend going forwards, as people have now realised that they can work from home, just as effectively, even with no restrictions being in place.

When Video conferencing technology was first introduced, it was ground-breaking, but like other new technology at the time, it was raw. Zoom was one of the leading companies to pioneer this, along with a few others.

This was then a fairly low cost service when first launched, but things have now changed dramatically.

The length of time for free meetings has been drastically reduced. There are also huge monthly fees payable, as soon as the number of the participants of the meeting increases, to anything more than a few people.

This all makes for low grade, rushed, poorly attended meetings, as everyone is counting the cost to be a part of Zoom.

But - There are now other Video Conferencing / Webinar software contenders out there. One in particular is shining bright, that looks set to shake the very Internet, with various Digital IT products, not least its Webinar software suite. 

O-Connect is a fully featured, AI powered Webinar / Video Conferencing Platform, that will offer, Unlimited meeting participants, Unlimited meeting time, Auto Language Translation and many more advanced features, all for one fixed, affordable monthly fee.

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