ONPASSIVE - List of Product Links

Below is a list of current ONPASSIVE product links and a short description. These will take you directly to the relevant detailed product page on the corporate ONPASSIVE website.

Products are not yet available to the general public. However, some products are now ready to test and be used by Founder members, also known as O-Founders and some products and tools are in development, ready to be launched soon:

O-Founders - Become an ONPASSIVE Founder member before Launch

ONPASSIVE - All Products Overview

O-Cademy - e-learning platform

O-Bless - Charity Funding & Crowdfunding

O-Staff - HR Staff Management Platform

O-Mail - A powerful email / webmail platform

O-Connect - Fully featured Webinar / Video Conferencing Platform

O-Counting - Accountancy / Finance Software

O-Trim - URL shortener with added features

O-Post - Bulk Email Marketing Software

O-Wallet - Flexible Multi Currency Digital Wallet

O- Net - Enhanced Social Media Platform

O-Tracker - IP Tracking Marketing Software

O-Capture - Video & Image Capturing Software

O-Create - Simple, Powerful Website Builder

O-Chat - Intuitive AI powered Chatbot

O-Peer - Enhanced Productivity Workplace Communication

O-Virtual - A powerful, Secure VPN Platform

O-Dit - Multi featured Image editing Suite

O-Desk - CRM & Lead Management Software

O-Domain - Domain Name Registration Tool

O-Hire - Matching Jobseekers to Employers using AI

O-Commerce - E-Commerce / Online Store

O-Mart - B2B / B2C Marketplace Trading Platform

O-Shop - Products & Merchandise for your Business

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