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Secure your browsing and your data and create a fast, secure, high quality VPN online service for your business with the O-Virtual VPN


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O-Virtual by ONPASSIVE is a highly secure Virtual Private Network or VPN software suite, that enables you to access data, websites and pages that may not be available in the Country where you reside or where you visit.

Sadly as we know, even in this day and age (and Incredibly in my opinion) there are still many countries, with governments that wish to control the lives of their citizens, including their Internet activity. 

OVirtual will hide your IP address and your geographical location. It will encrypt and transmit data from various locations, through a secured encrypted tunnel, which disables any tracking and surveillance.

With O-Virtual you can access your chosen information from anywhere in the world, with high-definition, high-quality streaming for all your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices, including, Android, Mac, IOS. 

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Key Features of O-Virtual

 Hides your IP address

 Disables Tracking

 Secures your Hotspot sessions

 Access your information from anywhere

 High Definition streaming

 Avoids high risk connections

 Avoids Malware and Virus attacks

 Prevents Data theft

 Enables use VPN across multiple devices and O/S

 Analyses internet quality

 Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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