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O-wallet - for totally secure reliable digital transactions, with complete peace of mind.

O wallet

We all demand total and complete control of our finances, payments in and out. ONPASSIVE now brings you that total solution in the form of O-Wallet. This is a digital mobile wallet application designed for your lifestyle and security and peace of mind.

OWallet has built in multi layered security features, allowing trouble free access for online purchases, or any transaction type with any currency that you have access to. This platform is built to enable access to your funds, from your mobile / tablet /  laptop / desktop with equal ease.

A detailed control panel / dashboard lets you organize and set up automatic payments and schedules, with full access to past transactions and spend-analysis to help with your financial planning and reporting.

Find out more about ONPASSIVE

View the O-Wallet Video:

Find out more about ONPASSIVE


O-Wallet Features include:

 Stores Credit and Debit Card Information
 Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Payments
 Safe and secure
 Fraud detection feature
 Instant Payments Between Wallets
 Easy and Fast Self-Registration


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