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Remote E-Learning

It is now a fact, that due to the effects of Covid 19 and other economic factors, there exists a huge education crisis across many countries in the World.

What this means, is that there are around 1.2 billion children who are being deprived of even the most basic and fundamental learning, due to the widespread closure of many schools, to prevent further spread of the killer virus.

Many governments and authorities are now extremely keen to explore the rapid use of Digital education technology and advanced techniques to enable E-Learning for economic development and social welfare.

In many countries this education deficiency was apparent, long before the Pandemic and will continue to benefit humanity, long after the virus eventually does become contained.

ONPASSIVE will support online learning and embrace a huge diversification of vocational and non vocational courses, providing students with more choice to customise their education needs, based on their strengths, interests and preferences.

It is impossible to give a list for an emerging digital education platform, but there will be many, many, courses structured to enable you to learn from scratch, or to improve various skills, including Geography, History, Maths, Science.

You will also be able to Learn a foreign language, a musical instrument, understand Software and programming, Cookery, Art, Photography, Video, Electronics, Architecture, Animal Care, Car mechanics.

You name it, there will be something for everyone and if there is a demand, it will be met.

Key Features of O-Cademy:

  • Multi-lingual
  • Wide variety of courses
  • Student Distraction Detection Feature
  • Adaptable per individual student requirement
  • Category Filtration
  • Video quality adjustment
  • Video speed adjustment
  • Bulk video capability

Other ONPASSIVE products will also be used to help to deliver OCademy courses, including O-Connect Video conferencing Webinar platform, which will have an almost unlimited capacity for content and participants.


PS: According to Forbes, recognised research in 2021 has forecast that the Online Education Market will reach at least $350 billion by 2025 .....

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