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 O-Net - The enlightened Social Network with no limits


O-Net - Social Networking Platform by ONPASSIVE

There are many Social Network sites out there, with some very well known names that many of us love to use. But some of us may not love what they have, or some may just want a change and are looking for something a bit different, to reflect what they are about. Remember it is never a problem to have more than one of anything, that combined, may give you everything that you need.

ONet is as you would expect from ONPASSIVE, a strong, people platform, with highly efficient and functional connectivity at it's forefront, globally, without limits and with full featured media support.

With O-Net, you can easily browse and join multiple networks within various categories, divided into for example, Towns / Regions, Companies / Workplaces, Colleges / High schools.

Share your stories, your adventures, your life, with unlimited Text, Video, Images, for everyone that you desire to see them, effortlessly and securely. AI powered technology helps to ensure that you achieve the relevance of maintaining the right contact level, with the right people for you.

If you are a business user, O-Net also offers various commercial advantages, including targeted feature rich ads, to maximise your reach and brand awareness, across a wider customer base.

See the O-Net short video overview:

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O-Net features include:

 News Feed
 Content sharing


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