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Team Builder - Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitters ... People who work online, who get out there and really make any business happen, that they decide to be a part of.

I think it says a positive thing about a persons work ethic. They work hard at what they do.

But, many people who fit the above description, may now be at a crossroads...

Why ... ?

Because many Team builders / heavy hitters may currently work within those online multi level businesses, (that are often reffered to as a 4 sided triangular object - ie. a large monumental Egyptian tomb...)

The problem ...

... is that these "MLM" type businesses are now showing their age and weakness. They have been exposed for a long time and the cracks are starting to show, everywhere.

True, these businesses are still out there and new ones do appear constantly. But with a few exceptions, these businesses never seem to last. The very model is now doomed to failure. If anyone wishes to dispute this, have a look - "the proof is in the pudding".

Check them out. I am not mentioning any names on this page, but you only need to do your own research to see for yourself.

Why do they fail?

This is certainly not always (although sometimes) due to corrupt people running them, or participating in them. Many good folks work hard and put everything into them, with total integrity at heart, wanting everyone involved, to succeed.

But - They fail due to the very fact that many of them have no actual real products, or at least of any value. They rely on the compensation plan being around payment solely based on the new members that they introduce, to fill the levels below them.

This means that they rely on the recruitment of other people, to enable them and the members above to get paid. These types of businesses will always see early doors winners and late comer losers, by their very structure.

Not everyone is or wants to be a recruiter or a team builder - it can be hard for many, in fact the majority and that is why it fails.

Eventually, this type of business always sees an end process, whereby the "pot runs dry" and the supply of new members runs out.

The business will then slow down, or go dormant, for weeks or months, with peoples income levels dropping to very low levels.

Gone overnight...

Or - worse still, increasingly, we one day go to login and we find - Page not Found - or even that the dot com URL for our business, is now an adult porn site, or selling certain pharmaceutical products.

But the sad thing is, that although we all know the above, or we are all slowly beginning to realise this, dozens more of these businesses still keep appearing, every day.

This is because, there are always new people going online everyday, to which the above scenario is unknown and they just click on to the next shiny new thing and pay their money.

After a few weeks or months, the realization sets in that they are now just part of the sad statistics. Another batch learns their lesson the hard way. Then, yet another "online business opportunity" comes along, constantly.

I've got the Tee shirt ...

Before anyone thinks I am preaching and trying to look "holier than though", this is not the case. I speak from many, many years of painful experience and have been involved with many online businesses, including investments, crypto and smart contracts.

I have also built some up to a good level and then seen them collapse. In fact in the early days, I was also a recipient of the collapse on more than one occasion.

The problem with these types of online businesses, is that they run out of steam, rely on new people and generate no new wealth.

But, apart from lack of sales caused by no new recruitment and members, they are never legally compliant. So they are shut down by the jurisdiction of each government of the country that they operate in, one by one.

The solution...

So where does that leave us? You are still a great team builder, looking for something to channel your energy into, that is legal, decent, honest, with real products that people want and that will not be shutdown and will still be here for generations to come.

I too had this issue and I was then introduced to ONPASSIVE.

This business ticked all my boxes, even to the point of realising that the ONPASSIVE CEO has most likely been there himself and could well have also wrote many of the things that I have above.

For a long time, I was looking for a true, clean, honest business. One that has real innovative products and services, that it develops by itself and not just copying and branding others. One that has real buildings, employees, technical people and experts working for it.

A business that is fully and legally compliant, in every country that it operates in.

Get Started

So - if you are a Team builder with a large following, or anyone who wants to work at building an ethical legally compliant business through a network of contacts, then do yourself and all your friends a huge favour, by joining the ONPASSIVE phenomenon today.

I will gladly support any serious builder, with any resources available to me, including creating a customized ONPASSIVE Video to help you to promote your ONPASSIVE business.

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