ONPASSIVE and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a huge part of what ONPASSIVE is all about, in the field of Automated Digital Information Technology products.

The research facility in Hyderabad plays a key role in this and is highly focused on building AI solutions, to add power to the growing range of SaaS products and tools.

These products are familiar to many Online users, such as Webinar software, Email, Social Networking, Image editing & Capture, IP Tracking, CRM with Lead management and even E-Learning, Business Accountancy and a Staff management Platform, to name but a few.

Many of the above types of products are already out there and established. But what ONPASSIVE does with the addition of Artificial Intelligence, is to add a whole new dimension and functionality, over and above what we have ever seen before.

This means that the products and tools have more features, are faster, more effective and offer a higher degree of automation than ever seen before.

Therefore, for example, we get a Webinar software platform that can translate languages on the fly, an emotionally intelligent chatbot, with autonomous reasoning, a website builder with Dynamic Homepages, with Image and content suggestions and also a Virtual Private Network Platform that Analyses internet quality and can be used across multiple devices and O/S.

The above are just a few examples, with AI playing a key part in most of the ONPASSIVE product range. The development team will continuously add more solutions across every aspect of business and also everyday life, including a powerful Platform for charity and good cause fund raising throughout the world.

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