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Robotic & Automation

What Are Robotics And Automation?

Robotics refers to an early disruptive technology, which is still rapidly expanding into so many areas of our personal and business lives. Robotics, Automation and Artificial intelligence are often, but not always used together.

Much of the developing Robotics and Automation technology, is used within the manufacturing sector, with very few products across all sectors, remaining untouched by its effects upon its creation.

Robotics can refer to actual robots, in the broad sense that we often think of, as them resembling a human being, but more often than not, they consist of different robotic modules that are set to do one specific automated function, many times, repeatedly.

The advantages of this are huge, ensuring that consistent required quality levels are met, at a high rate of production.

To the human being, Automation means no more tedious, boring repetitive jobs, therefore enabling time for other areas in the workplace, where the human can be better deployed.

Or ultimately, on a personal level, enabling more quality leisure time.

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