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  Domain Name and Hosting

What is the difference between domain name acquisition and Web hosting?

Quite simply: 

  • First - Get your Domain name.
  • Second - Create a website (Optional)
  • Third - Get it Hosted.

The Domain name is the unique address for  your website.

Hosting, is a storage location, for the various text, image and video files etc that go to create your website.

These files then appear on the World Wide web as your finished website, when your visitors enter your domain name into Chrome, Edge or another web browser.

Domain names cost anything from a few dollars to maybe 20 or 30 USD a year for everyday available names and words.

Premium name domains, if available, will cost hundreds or thousands, depending on the desirability of the name.

Hosting, is separate, but may also be free, if you buy the domain name from the host and you only have a small personal website that does not use too much data and bandwidth. But if not, even then, the costs are not too high, as there is quite a bit of competition within this market sector.

Points to Remember:

You cannot create your website, without first gaining your domain name.

However, you can secure a domain name, without creating a website for it.

In this instance, for example, you may not be ready yet to create your website.

Or, you may just want to create an email addresses using your new domain. With most hosts, you can do this, even with no website.

For example, you may have secured the following domain:

Then you can create email addresses such as:
Anything @

In fact, depending on your hosting plan, you can create very many email addresses, for yourself, your family, friends and business colleagues.


You may just want to hold on to the Domain name you have secured, if you think it will have some value for the future, to sell. 

Take as long as you like to sit on your domains as you wish. They remain yours forever, as long as you pay the recurring annual domain fee.

Companies such as GoDaddy, Ionos and ONPASSIVE all offer both Domain Name and Hosting Services

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