ONPASSIVE employee of the Month.

Another Employee prize this month, goes to Mr. Farhan Mohammed Qureshi who is a Technical Support Engineer - L2 Customer Support with Onpassive at their Hyderabad IT Hub.

He is the winner of a Honda Activa 6G Motor Scooter!

Onpassive scooter award

31 October 2021
The first employee of the Month award goes to Mr Tanmoy Paul, who is a Senior Software Engineer in their Hyderabad location.

What does an employee of the month get with ONPASSIVE?

A Meal Voucher? A Bottle of wine? An extra days holiday?

No, at ONPASSIVE, the Employee of the month gets a CAR!

Onpassive Employee of the Month car award

Pictured above: Mr. Tanmoy Paul with his brand new Hyundai SUV.

Not just a car to loan for a month and then return it, but to own it outright.

Next month there will be another Car giveaway.

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